The Father First Initiative

Father First is a statewide and community-driven initiative empowering fathers to embrace their unique roles in their children’s lives. We champion the belief that every father is the dad their kids need, and we provide resources, encouragement, and connection to help them continue learning, growing and pushing toward better. We stand together as dads, showing that perfection isn’t necessary but being present is. Because, we know it’s a choice to wake up every day and see yourself as a Father First.

The Need

Our kids don’t need us to be perfect. They don’t need us to have all the answers or always know what to do. What they need is a dad who will choose them… who will choose every day to be a Father First. We need every dad to do their part. Loving their children, encouraging other dads, and stepping into the role of a mentor to young dads or caregiver to the fatherless.

The Goal

Our goal is to challenge, encourage, equip, and empower dads and organizations focused on dads.  In doing so, we’ll be improving the lives of Florida’s children, so they can enjoy life more today and mature into healthy parents themselves, creating a new generation of healthy Florida families.

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